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We care about how you communicate. We know that when you have solid, efficient, feature rich communication tools productivity increases. More stuff gets done and ultimately your customers, your employees and your business feels more successful. That is why we insist on providing you with a full Altitude experience. Here is what you can expect;

Solution Collaboration: We want to get to know you! One of our solution experts will work with you to ensure that before we sell you a phone, we understand who you are, what you do and how you work. Be prepared, we ask you a lot of questions! Once we both feel good about the solution we stick with you the whole way through.

Project Management: If you have 4 employees or 40 or 400 there's a process to ensuring everything goes smoothly. You'll have constant access to one of our project managers to keep you in the loop every step of the way.

Technical Support: Yay, it's time to install! Guess what? Even if it's as simple as plugging in a phone, we won't leave you hanging. We will be there for you, in person, over the phone or even via video. We want you up and running and super happy with your AltiSphere solution, so we stick with you until we know you are!

Training: Have we told you that this is a very feature rich communication offering? Well it is! And that means you need to know how to use it all. We want you to know the tools inside and out. We believe that the more you are supported up front the happier you will be for the long term and we are into long term!

Relationship: We invest in our customers, every singe one of them! We want you to love AltiSphere as much as we do. We want you to call us here at Altitude if you have any questions or concerns. If you don't call us, we'll call you (but not too often don't worry)!

Who is Altitude Communications?

Altitude Communications are the professional team of telecom experts that are behind AltiSphere. They're the nerdy bunch that'll do all the legwork to get it up and running.

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This amazing line of ShoreTel IP phones provides high sound quality and full call control and customization right from the set. You can purchase or rent these phones at your preference.

IP 420

Your General Office & Common Area Phone

The ShoreTel IP 420 phone features an easy-to-read, high-contrast display and 6 feature keys including transfer, conference, hold, redial/history, and voicemail. Unlimited system/alphanumeric lookup, and storage are provided.

IP 420

IP 480

Recommended for General Office, Conferencing, & Teleworkers

The ShoreTel IP 480 provides 8 line appearances with an easy-to-read, back-lit display. Expanded call history and directory along with visual voicemail are provided. An integrated 10/100/1000 Ethernet switch allows a network drop to be shared with a desktop PC. Six feature keys and five soft keys provide easy access to ShoreTel features. A full duplex speakerphone and integrated headset jack are standard.

IP 480

IP 485G

Perfect for General Office & Teleworkers

An eight-line phone with a crisp 480 x 272 pixels backlit color display offers an expanded directory with unlimited alphanumeric lookup with sort by first or last names. The redial / history key provides unlimited filter by first / last names and alphanumeric lookup. These features and the built-in visual voice mail application make this phone ideal for the advanced professional. Also includes six feature keys, five soft keys, a full-duplex speakerphone and integrated headset jack and a 10/100/1000 Ethernet switch for Gigabit speed.

IP 485G

IP 655

Excellent for Conferencing

ShoreTel's most advanced telephone, the IP 655 provides 12-line appearances with a large backlit touch color display. Advanced microphone technology delivers superb speakerphone capability for offices and small and midsize conference rooms when used with the optional extension microphone accessories.

IP 655


Included in your AltiSphere service at no additional charge are these amazing enterprise features. We know, it's unbelievable!

Instant Messaging (IM)

Real-time communication over the Internet using text-based messages with your co-workers.

Presence Status

The ability to see a colleague's presence status, such as in the office, away, on the phone, or in a meeting. A user's presence status should change automatically if the person is on the phone or scheduled to be in a meeting.

Desktop Control

Control your Shoretel phone from a user friendly desktop interface.

Outlook Integration

All of your Outlook contacts are available to call by typing in there fist name or last name. The calendar ingrates with your call handling modes (the feature that lets people know if you are away from the office or in a meeting) so that you don't have to set it manually.

Voicemail to E-mail

Your voicemail will be sent to you as an e-mail and you can play it back over your computer.

Mobile Integration

Of course AltiSPhere integrates with your smart phone. Or your summer cottage phone, or any other phone on the planet that needs to ring. Work is, after all, and activity and not a destination. You can also check out our Mobility application for an even greater feature set while you're away from the office.

AltiSphere on the Go

ShoreTel Mobility takes all of the features you expect from a great communication solution and puts them on your mobile device. This 'dual persona' application keeps your personal and business calls and voice mails completely separate and never gives out your personal number on a business call. The Mobility application also cuts down on your costs by utilizing Wi-Fi and 3G/4G cellular data for seamless voice connections. The best part? It's included in the low monthly price!

Like what you see so far?

We want to show you more! We can bring AltiSphere to you, you can come to us or we can share it via a video conference.

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Great mobile service

You're probably wondering how this all works. VoIP can be a bit scary, should we really put all our faith in the internet? I mean the internet never goes down, does it?

Our technical team has designed a platform located in a secure and redundant Tier 3 Data centre. It's here in Canada which means all your data stays housed north of the 49th parallel. The built in redundancies and back-ups at our facility means you don't need to worry about how the technology works and can focus instead on how it makes your business work.

We'll be with you to help decide how to get the applications from our place to yours and whether that's public or private cloud, the end product and price for the services stays the same.

1. AltiSphere Data Centre

The data centre houses the AltiSphere infrastructure, voice applications, IM/Presence, desktop control, mobility, work group and call centre applications.

2. Internet

This can be public internet, a private cloud, MPLS or a wireless service.

3. AltiSphere Client

AltiSphere can be utilized on a desk phone, smart phone, tablet, desktop or laptop computer.

We're pretty excited to be able to bring all these applications to you for an amazing ratio of cost to features. $30 per month per user includes just about everything you'll need to get started. We don't do "add on" features and just want to make this easy for you. Additional applications can be purchased (and there are only 2 or 3) if your business needs them, most of our customers are happy with the basic package.


Don't take our word for it! Hear directly from our clients on how AltiSphere has become their feature rich and very affordable, hosted phone service.


1 Is this a VOIP solution?

Yes, Altisphere is a type of Voice over IP solution that uses the internet to connect you to our network. There are a variety of ways we can deploy services so contact us to inquire about the options including our fully hosted, private premise, and hybrid configurations.

2 What do I need to supply to make AltiSphere work?

In order to take full advantage of all the applications, you'll need to give us some power for the phones, access to your network, and since this a hosted service, we'll need some internet too.

4 What happens if my internet goes down?

Our voicemail service is always online, so even if your phone is not, you can still receive messages. If you use our mobility client you can still receive calls to your mobile device regardless of your office phone or internet connection.

5 How does 911 and 411 work?

911 and 411 work as they always have. With regards to 911, we register your address with the Telco so that it is immediately available if a call is made.

6 What if my business grows? What if we downsize?

We can expand or decrease your AltiSphere service as needed.

7 What happens to my fax line or my alarm line?

We can assist with Fax to Email services which could help you replace your fax machine and save paper. When it comes to the alarm system we recommend that the existing telephone line is maintained. We would encourage you to also check with your alarm company on this.

8 How does long distance dialling work?

Dial 9 and then the number you want to reach, and that's it!

9 What types of mobile phones are supported for the mobility solution?

Just like cellular technology, our supported platform is everchanging. Currently we support the Apple Eco-System running IOS 7.1 and higher, as well as Android, Blackberry (limited support) and Nokia (Windows phones). Best thing to do is contact us for a more current and accurate list.

10 I want to sell AltiSphere, how do I sign up?

You can learn more and connect with us by visiting our Partner Up page.

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